Every 109 seconds, an American in the United States is sexually assaulted. 

I have been one of those 109 many times. 
Every 8 minutes , that victim is a child . 
I have been that child, many times. 
Of the children sexually assaulted, 80% of the perpetrators were a parent, and 6% were other relatives.
I am personally aware that both of these statistics are true .

I know what it's like to not feel safe with those who are supposed to love and protect you . 
I know the destruction caused by the feeling that your body does not belong to you . 
I know how hot the tears are when you tell family about what you've suffered through and they side with your abuser, or somehow spin the events to put you at fault.
My heart knows that it was broken a little more each time the rest of the body was assaulted. 
My mind stored the memories, but my soul stored the pain . 
I know what it's like to try so desperately to fix yourself when you feel so broken, and have "talking about it " simply do nothing. 

I now know how to heal myself, have spent the last 5 years helping others heal themselves through my practice Arcturian Healing Arts.  I have been guided to funnel my empathy, experience and knowledge of spiritual and energetic healing to help those similarly still suffering . This is why I am on this planet, in this body, in this life .
This is my purpose .

I created the The Parvati Project to integrate the very powerful methods of shamanic and energetic healing into the understanding and healing repertoire of existing caregivers for sexual abuse survivors.

I am dedicated to shifting the paradigm of healing away from the current model rooted in the psyche, to a more holistic approach that acknowledges and encompasses the wounds of the soul and the painful emotions that remains stored as energy in the physical tissue. 

If what I wrote inspires you to take action or hits your heart in some way, please get involved, either financially or non-financially, there are many ways. Take Action and lets create beautiful change together ! 


I am currently climbing the world's highest mountains with the above set of handmade , all feather wings, in an effort to create something visually striking, unique and impactful enough to bring eyeballs and hopefully money to this cause . Your can support me by following along on my Instagram and Facebook pages for now, and sharing the posts that resonate with you. Thank you in advance and I love you . <3

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kimberly, as she practiced next to me in yoga class. I was struggling and had been struggling for a month. Kimberly sensed that I needed support and extended herself to me. I instantly felt inclined to work with her. She was genuine, honest and pure at heart. Through her work, I experienced my first Shamanic Journey. She was the first healer, that focused on me healing myself. She showed me that I was in control of my healing and destiny. It was one of the best sessions of my life. Since my work with her, I have experience many conscious shifts in my intellectual and emotional thought process. I have become very calm since our session. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone.
— Joanne