Mountain Mantra

kimberly bellinger-kilimanjaro

I am vessel for universal understanding and acceptance
As I yield to the divine, the unknowing, unwieldly, unfavorable layers of untruth buried in my cells evaporate
The burdens imposed upon me in the form of controlling intentions of others exist only as their own weight
I am unfettered and unfetterable
I release the desire to similarly manipulate as control negates love
I am fully deserving of, and embody on all dimensions, 
the greatest, mightiest, highest love
I submit in complete faith, trusting spirit to lead me to fulfilling my purpose in this life, in turn filling my heart
I magnetize and electrify through my energized and open heart, charging those willing and able with truth catalyzing resonance
I fill the voids and create new paths towards love
I am one with you, with spirit, as love.

Kilimanjaro : Day 3

Shira 1 > Moir Camp (13,799 ft)

she stands singular
elevating those seemingly ready to conquer
themselves though more so
than rock or air

she stands solidly
assured in her place and unwavering in space
taking simply and only what she needs
as minimum to exist to share
to support to breathe

she is graceful
lines formed slowly by erosion and time
elegance cultivated by indifference to age
magnanimous but umperceivable so humbly she shares

she is confident
those disrespecting won't make it too far
egos feeling higher found falling failing wounded scarred

only in balance as one as clean
only through reciprocal lungs donating their esteem
only as genuine soul fire fueled as the sun
will she take you by the hand
to reveal the end as a journey just begun

With super clogged nostrils, we set off to cross the Shira plateau. Kibo peak (lady Kilimanjaro) is hiding from us, off in the distance over there... The climb, or trek I suppose I should say,  so far has been unexpected in the sense that it does not feel like we are ascending. Each day there are just more rolling brown hills that we traverse . Its odd and unique to not see the mountains surrounding shifting and shrinking as we ascend, offering the impression that we are gaining elevation. 

Today was the first day where it actually felt like were were in the mountains. There were a couple sections of scrambling over rocks, and I began to feel the tightness in the lungs that comes with altitude. We are encroaching upon 14k feet, the elevation that typically ushers in altitude issues.... or in my case happiness :) I am super thankful for the opportunity be here on this climb, and have been continuously expressing my gratitude for the strength of my health, finances, and insight that brought me here. Kilimanjaro is a 'bucket list' item that people dream about for years, and sadly remains simply an item on the list for many . I don't take any moment here for granted. 

After reaching Moir camp and taking a little break, we took an acclimatization hike which finally brought us above the clouds. :)

Kilimanjaro : Day 2

Mt Mkuba Camp (9,023 ft) to Shira 1 Camp (11,420 ft)

I set the intention to allow whatever was not serving me to release through the soles of my feet, as i was climbing, often visualizing the drain with each step, thanking Mother Earth for being there as always to receive my junk and support me. Also, I thank Patagonia for creating the best gear ever, and Goal Zero for powering my gizmos. Gotta balance the spiritual and the material...hahahhaa... you know

Shira 1 Camp 

One thing is clear . I needed a dust mask. BADLY. 
If you are reading this and plan on climbing Kili, trust that a "Buff" or any sort of fabric cloth over your mouth will not be enough to keep ridiculous amounts of dirt from entering your nasal passages /lungs. There are no words to describe the amount of dirt on these trails that gets kicked up.... I have done a fair amount of hiking and I have never experienced anything like this. When I did Everest Base camp, they warned us of something called "Khumbu Cough" - a hacking resulting from the inhalation of trail dirt. No one warned me about "Kili cough" ... and the dirt inhalation has got to be at least 3x worse. 

So here's my day two update , appropriately titled, "Shira 1 and chocolate Snot. " :D

Kilimanjaro : Day 1

Aaaaaaand the Parvati Project is a go ! I arrived in Kilimanjaro after an insane 30 hours of flying from NYC, super tired, but simultaneously super psyched to get going and start climbing !  Above is the view of the peak from my Airbnb. 

When you climb Kilimanjaro, there are a few route options : I chose an 8 day Lemosho route climb as it supposedly allows for the best scenery and the greatest acclimatization. About halfway  to base camp, the Lemosho route joins with the more popular (and cheaper) Machame route. 

Day 1: setting off on the Lemosho route! 8 days ahead , loaded with like 6 kilos of cameras and 3 kilos of dark chocolate .  We began our trek at the Londorrossi gate (6,890 ft) to register with the park and have some snacks, then set off on a 4 hour hike through dense forest dotted with monkies ! 

See that massive smile on my face  ?
Its the result of allowing my walls to come down again, to absorb the energies of the plants an the earth. This is not possible for me in a city, as the energies are so toxic I must insulate. My greatest gift, as a shaman, is my ability to feel and work with the interconnectedness of all - transferring energies from leaves, sky, petals stones... speaking with, and listening to the plant spirits and those ruling the natural elements. I facilitate healing using the immense power of these energies and the help of these wise spirits.  

I'm so grateful to be here now, on this mountain, on this trail, existing in peace, listening to the songs hidden in the silsnce... as one... with the everything.